Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Still Alive/Open Thread

Hello GT.

I think this was the longest I’ve stayed away. The election got me in a funk (understatement) and I’ve tried to unplug a bit during my first Thansgiving Break as a teacher.


Random updates:

  • I survived my first round of parent-teacher conferences.
  • We are thinking about going to Istanbul during Spring Break. I haven’t been there for almost four years and my husband hasn’t been there for almost two. It’s insane how much shit has gone down in both of our countries since then. The big-ass Trump Towers Istanbul will be just a few blocks away from my in-laws’ place, but I could avert my eyes.
  • We are still talking about a Muslim registration like it is a distant possibility, but it’s still surreal. My husband is not affiliated with a mosque, so there isn’t much proof he is Muslim. The only thing I can think of is that his green card application required a copy of his Turkish ID and that does state his religion as Islam.
  • We are going to raise triops in my classroom and I am so nerdy-excited.
  • Teachers- give me ideas for fun winter projects.

How are all of you?

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