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Still looking for a couple of Inside Joke explanations. . .

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As many of you are already aware, I started putting together a reference post for explanations of the inside and running jokes that are so much a part Groupthink and Jezebel last weekend. The main idea is that we have a place to point newcomers to to help get them in on the jokes quick, but it's also just to keep the history. We had a good bit of remembering awesome things and some positive nostalgia last weekend. There are still a couple of things that need fleshing out. If you could have a look and see if you have info you can add, I'd appreciate it.


The two things currently lacking explanation are:

"The Hivemind" (Hive Vagina) and the origins of "Groupthink" as a community name.


(My memory fails me here, so if another oldtimer could take this on, that would be great.)

The establishment of Groupthink by Night and SorciaThink and GroopPrude (I think) and the handful of other title changes GT has briefly undergone.


(Time zones, folks. I was asleep when all this happened so I can't take this one on, but it looks like it's got staying power.)

There may also be jokes I'm still missing. I'm keeping it to funny and constant references here, rather than shitstorms (that would be a completely different project) or things on other websites like Facebook so far (I have to draw a line somewhere). I'm massively busy over the next few days and probably won't be online much at all until Sunday (and possibly sleeping most of Sunday as well), but if I have the time I will incorporate comments.



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