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Still recovering

TW: sexual trauma, rape

Today I was reminded that I'm still recovering from sexual trauma, and that trauma leads me to feel very isolated from people at times. Today, as you probably read, the triggering issue was GoT.

Part of me wants to take a break from the internet because it will make it worse. But part of me wants to continue commenting on it because it is so obvious that some people reading problematic books don't understand how they could possibly be problematic for someone like me. I know it's not my "job" to educate people. But I feel really weak when I can't engage people about very basic things. It makes me feel very useless. And I feel like I'm silencing myself or somehow selling myself short.

And when I *do* go off alone, I "hear" the comments. And the texts from my own sibling claiming that scene x was not what I think it was. I can't get it out of my head. And then I think back to what happened to me. It's like my head is exploding.


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