Well, it's that time once more, Coralistas. I am here to serve as your cosmetics cautionary tale against buying way too much makeup. I know you're thinking, "Surely we're nearing the end," but you'd be horrified to learn that we are indeed not. So let's dive further into my abyss of hoarding madness and decide if there's anything I need to toss from this past fortnight's haul.

No joke, you guys โ€” literally within a day of Jess posting her guide to fixing broken pressed powder makeup, my Stila Kitten eye shadow fell out of my hands and exploded on the ground. The top hinge broke and the powder was completely shattered. Luckily it all stayed in the pan, so I got out some rubbing alcohol and this is the result. It's not pretty, but it works. And I didn't have to throw out one of my favorite (and very expensive) eyes hadows. Win-win!

On to the shadow itself โ€” I want to first say that this performs the same way before the "event" as it did afterwards. The color, texture and pigmentation didn't change at all. And that color, texture and pigmentation is lovely. Stila does a good job of making "shimmery" shadows that are truly a wash of shimmer instead of sparklebombs. And Kitten in particular is subtle enough that it brightens the eye area without being too obvious provided you blend it for a while. I think a straight stripe of Kitten across the lids would look a little too much, but blending is always key when it comes to makeup and I don't think a straight stripe of any eye shadow will do you any favors.

All in all, I have a hard time saying too much about Kitten because I just... like it. It does what a good shadow should. I'd give it 10/10 just because any real complaints are failing me right now.


This may seem like a bit of a cheat, so I'll keep the review short. This is another of Stila's eyeshadow in Golightly, a dark brown-gold color with just a little bit of glitter. Obviously this did not shatter, and is in its natural state.

The main difference between Golightly and Kitten, other than the color, is the fact that this is definitely not "shimmery," though it does have some sparkle to it. I used this solely for my crease and kept it very very subtle, so I can't necessarily speak to its full pigmentation powers, but I will say that it did a good job of defining the crease without making me look like Cruella Deville โ€” big-lidded women walk a fine line at all times.


While I like Golightly fine, it seems a bit more "standard" than Stila, and I don't think that the wear or the pigmentation is anything that I couldn't get for cheaper. I'm not necessarily disappointed with it, but it didn't blow me away, either. I'd probably give it an 8/10 โ€” nothing wrong, but nothing great.

Next up is Bourjois' blush in Rose D'Or. It looks like Bourjois might be starting to phase these blushes out in favor of their new cream formulas. I have a feeling it has something to do with people complaining about the way that their pressed powder products tend to get "hard" after about 6 months. What I find interesting, though, is that I've had this blush now for over a year and while it has definitely hardened over that time, I don't find that the color payoff has changed at all. I think to some extent, people let the texture of the blush, or the fact that it doesn't swatch easily on their fingers, convince them that the product has gone bad, or that there's going to be no color payoff on their cheeks. I was definitely paranoid about this the first day I started using it and wound up with some serious Good Ship Lollipop rosiness all over my face.


In any event, the packaging on these blushes is adorable, the colors are great and the payoff is good. Admittedly the "hardness" of the blush can make it a bit more difficult to tell just how much you're going to end up with, so always follow the rule that subtle is better and you can add more later if you like. I would usually do one swirl with a blush brush per cheek and that worked out well for me.

I love the color, love the packaging and love the company, but the hardness does make it a bit difficult to determine how much to use, so for that I'm knocking one point off and giving it a 9/10.


I got Benefit's Bad Gal Lash mascara recently in one of my TopBox subscriptions. Some people complain about the boxes sending too many mascaras, but I love it โ€” you should be changing up your mascara every three months anyway, and it's nice to feel like you aren't throwing out a full tube every time. So I gave Bad Gal a swing because I absolutely loved the They're Real mascara. Were I a much wealthier person, I would re-purchase that mascara every single time without blinking, so I was hoping that Bad Gal would be the same.

Don't get me wrong โ€” it's a perfectly serviceable mascara. And were it $10 at the drug store, I would probably buy it. But the fact that at $26 (in Canada) it's just sort of "average," and coats your lashes without giving you any real extra volume or length, I think I'll chalk this one up as a disappointment.

The one highlight is that there is zero fallout ever. Your lashes do look healthy and shiny and as natural as jet-black lashes could. But it just doesn't really do anything, and I couldn't justify recommending it based on the price. So for that reason, I'll give it a fairly average 6/10.


I'm sorry this photo is gross, but you must know my pain surrounding the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. Revlon, girl, I love you, but how do you still not have pumps on your foundation? Why would anyone want to tilt over a glass bottle of liquid face paint into their hand or onto their brushes or onto a sponge? I normally do my foundation with my hands, which means I have to very carefully tilt this into my palm, wherein I invariably spill slightly too much and then need to use the neck of the bottle to scoop a little back in. Which then leaves you with this horrifying mess.

Once it's in my hands, I tried to mix it with my usual serum to get a good light coverage and it made me look both slightly too orange and chalk-y at the same time. No clue how it managed that. I first used this foundation last summer and then hid it away because it was way too light. Now, of course, it's slightly too dark, but all the same the texture, the wear... everything about this is just blah and a little gross. Chalky-orange is not really how I like to walk around, and no matter how much I blended I wasn't happy with the way my skin looked when I wore this. And yet for you, Coralistas, I wore it for a full 14 days. You're welcome.


Anyway, I'm more than happy to permanently retire this horrible foundation to the garbage can, and to give it a resounding 0/10.


So that's it for this episode. Thank you for your comments and suggestions โ€” at some point I hope to do swatches or get a little more creative with my photo-taking, but I'm still learning as you can see and finding time to photograph when the light is good is a bit hard on my current schedule. Hopefully with sunnier days it'll get a bit easier and I can punch up the visuals.


Let me know if you're doing your own spring clean, or if you have any suggestions or reviews of your own!