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Sorry, forgot a filler image before the TMI:

Without going into too much detail, I had a cyst removed from my earlobe at the ENT and he stitched it up but it got infected. One of the stitches came out, and the rest seemed to be matted with some black film. I don’t know what it was exactly. A mix of blood and pus? It was really gross. I called the doctor and asked if I should come in and they told me to come in that afternoon.


I paid $35 and waited for over an hour for the doctor to look at my ear and say “yes, it is infected, put some hydrogen peroxide on it.” Which I had already been doing. I was thinking he would remove the stitches, clean everything up, and re-stitch.

I had been trying to be gentle though and he told me to be rough with it, and that it didn’t matter if the stitches came out. Now I’ve been picking at it like crazy because I couldn’t get all the disgusting crap out around the stitches. By tonight, I basically made all the other stitches come out, which at least means I think I finally got all the disgusting stuff in there out. I’ve also been taking some amoxicillin that the urgent care prescribed when I first went to them about the cyst a couple of weeks ago.

But now I have this gaping hole in my earlobe. Do I need to get it stitched back up? Should I insist the ENT see me and do it? Or should I just go to an urgent care? For now I’ve got a band-aid and neosporin on it. But I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s so gross! And I don’t want a giant scar right next to where I wear pretty jewelry!

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