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"Stop Banging The Register"

We went to a grocery store that I do not care for. My mother wanted to go there before we went for Chinese food. Its Friday and a local Chinese restaurant serves General Tso’s Chicken with rice and a big bowl of soup for five dollars. We got two orders and well I had the soup and half the chicken my mother barely ate any chicken after eating the soup.

The soup was Hot and Sour Soup. Most places.give you a cup they serve a good sized bowl. I really dislike hot food but Hot And Sour Soup is am exception.

Where was I. Oh we went to the grocery store first. I sat on a bench inside in front of the registers. I had taken out my Nintendo 2ds from my pocket. I am over fifty hours into Pokemon Gates of Infinity. Fantastic game.


So as I was exploring this dungeon headed by Emolga

I heard quite loudly “stop banging the register”. This man mid 60s was banging on the self service register. I of course watched since it was in front of my by 10 feet. The one saying it was a clerk at the regular register taking ringing up a customer with about 4 customers behund that customor.

So of course the clerk walled over briskly to the man telling him to stop banging on it. My jourmey into the dungeon was set on sleep mode.


The customer said “it made a mistake and its not working”. Again he said kind of whinely.”it made a mistake I am trying to fix it”. The clerk well she looked annoyed said “then call someone or a manager over don’t hit it”. He then said.”it won’t let me cancel this item its not working”. A manager then appeared and rang in his groceries which were about four items.

Lesson A: 99.999 percent of the time when a machine makes a mistake its because you did something wrong like inputted data wrong.


Lesson B: If you are not sure how a self serving cash register works. Do not use one. I never use them for fear of making a mistake. Plus it deprives one of a full grocery store experience.

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