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I love sci-fi shows with a strong female lead, such as Fringe, which was amazing until the last season (which was kind of weird). This is why I’m here to sing the gospel of Continuum to you, fine GTers. Continuum is a Canadian-produced show set in Vancouver and it is balls-to-the-walls amazing.

The main character is Kiera Cameron, a law enforcement officer from the year 2077. In 2077, the North American Union is ruled by corporations and democracy is just regarded as an antiquated system of government, unsuited for modern times. An anarcho-socialist terrorist group called Liber8 are set to be executed, and Kiera is part of the security detail. However, they manage to set off a time-travel device and escape to the year 2012, where they plan on planting the seeds of their revolution before corporations can take over. Kiera gets caught in the blast radius and travels to 2012 with them. She works to stop Liber8, while also trying to find her way home.


Continuum is amazing for a lot of reasons. I love that Kiera is such a serious badass. She’s sexy, but the show never reduces her to a sexual object. She is highly respected in her field. She’s also deeply flawed. It can sometimes be difficult to cheer for her, especially because she is essentially fighting to uphold a broken system. While Liber8 can be very unscrupulous, I sympathize with their goals and beliefs. The show does a great job of slowly revealing just how flawed the system of governance is in 2077, as well as how complacent people are about it.

Another thing I love about it is how it turns so many tropes on their heads. For example, Kiera quickly meets Alec, a young inventor and computer genius. A lot of crime procedurals have a computer whiz character who spends all episode in front of a computer to basically make it possible for the detectives to solve the crime of the week within the time-frame of the episode. Alec, however, is at the heart of Continuum’s plot. Without going into spoilers, his character raises a lot of questions about corporate ethics, morality, destiny and the nature of the self. In fact, none of the characters really fall into easy to define categories. They’re very well fleshed out, while also staying unpredictable.

The show also has a wonderfully diverse cast of talented actors. As an aside, I was surprised to recognize at least five members of the supporting cast in season 8 of Supernatural, not to mention Brian Markinson aka Dr. Rosen from Mad Men.


The first season is available on Netflix now. The second season wrapped up on August 4, and the show has been renewed for a third season, premiering next year.

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