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(This isn’t really addressed to GT folks. I actually posted this to my FB in response to some things I’m seeing on social media and wanted to share here.)

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Please, PLEASE do not lecture people about graciousness and “respecting the office” today. This isn’t just about our “guy” not winning.

I wouldn’t be thrilled over a new Bush, or a McCain or Romney in the White House. But they’d get a modicum of respect from me. This, however, is NOT the same. And if you think it is, you haven’t been listening.


This is about man who sexually assaults women and incites his supporters to violence, mocks the disabled, and campaigned by appealing to the lowest common denominator. This is about a nation that just gave a big middle finger to immigrants, Muslims, Jews, women, Latinos and Latinas, Native Americans, and anybody with skin that isn’t white, a nation that has used democracy to empower bigotry, homophobia, ableism, and misogyny. We have EVERY right to be afraid. We have EVERY right to grieve. Stepping up to play tone police for oppressed groups is especially disgusting coming from anyone who didn’t actively fight against the endless disrespect and outright attacks on our president for the last 8 years. And it’s also totally unacceptable coming from white, middle and upper-class people who will be most protected from the destruction coming our way.

There’s a long history in the United States of the privileged telling the oppressed to “calm down” or “wait patiently” or “that’s not the acceptable way to protest.” Just stop.


This isn’t about sore losers. This is about Mulsim women afraid to leave their houses wearing the hijaab today. This is about my sick friends afraid they’re soon going to lose their health care. This is about a generation of girls getting the message that women should be seen and not heard. This is about immigrant families about to be ripped apart. This is about LGBTQ citizens seeing their worst fears come true.

If you want to lecture somebody about behaving themselves properly even if they find it “distasteful,” lecture all those white men and women who just elected a legitimate monster to the highest office because they “didn’t like” his opponent. Lecture the media that didn’t call this man out on his endless lies.


Lecture anybody and everybody who didn’t challenge the racist/homophobic/sexist dog whistling that created a political environment that allowed this man to succeed.







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