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You have a perspective you want people to hear. The people you want to consider your words probably have a different race/gender/class background.

But this phrase is so condescending it stops people cold. It has the OPPOSITE effect of its intended consequence.

The people I've heard say this personally (usually in an academic environment) seem to be the kind of people who refuse to listen to anyone else. Only their perspective counts, and there is just right/wrong. (They are right, everyone else is wrong.)


Can we come up with a better phrase? Or can we simply state our perspective without putting someone else down?

Edited to add: Yesallavatars made a good suggestion that I clarify my intent. I am not saying that privilege doesn't exist. I am not saying that at all. It's important to talk about seeing the world through different eyes, whether it's as a person of color, sexual identity, or an illness. It's important that those stories be heard.

The phrase "check your privilege" gets to the point and is valid. My question is: Does this phrase get people to actually check their privilege? My experience is that it does not seem to work.

And no, of course it is not our job to change our language to make others comfortable. But what is the end goal? If it's to get people to think and respond and maybe act differently, maybe there's another tactic.

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