Yesterday, Jezebel used one of the most irritating and judgmental phrases from all sides of the abortion debate.

And from those tender seeds sprouted a mighty feminist and a staunch defender of — no, wait, this is the same guy who voted against renewing the Violence Against Women Act (his reasoning being that "stopping and punishing violent criminals is primarily a state responsibility, and the federal government does not need to be dictating state criminal law.") This is the same guy who supports a total abortion ban even in cases of rape.

[Emphasis mine.]

Yes, I understand the sentiment. Yes, I understand that putting rape victims through an unwanted pregnancy is another dose of trauma.

But it smacks of judgment, and it sucks.

Similar to breastfeeding and birth control, the reasons behind seeking an abortion should be and must be irrelevant. Once we start debating specific circumstances — rape, incest, one night stand, marriage, live-in relationship, office romance, forgotten pill, abusive relationship, a full moon, the price of eggs in China — we start judging even if we don't mean to.


"Well it's okay for you to get an abortion, but you? You really need one. And you? Eh it was consensual but yeah I guess you get to have one."

See how that shit sounds?

The other reason it's a bad idea is because it feeds into the anti-choice narrative that a woman's personal decision needs to be called into question. It doesn't. We're never going to live in a world, I hope, where we demand justification for those who seek abortions. The idea is ridiculous in debate, yet when we start talking about abortion exceptions, that's exactly what we're doing, again, even if we don't mean to.


If you're for legalized abortion for everyone, then stop saying this "even in cases of..." bullshit. It casts judgement on women who aren't in those categories, and it assumes that some women's situations are more "justified" than others.

That Jezebel statement is bullshit, and I expected a hell of a lot more from this blog. At least people like Ted Cruz are consistent in their beliefs even if those beliefs are shitty.