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Stop shaming people into your type of activism

Two articles that I happened to read/read about today have coincided to make me wonder why people are advocating putting yourself in a dangerous position to further "the movement." I have also read wonderful rebuttals, by Korra, and Zokajo.

As a WoC, the combination of being told how to reject men, and how to fight racism, has me particularly ragey. I can't understand why in order to "fight the system" I'm supposed to open myself up to all kinds of harm. Because that's the message I got today. Between the possibility of everything from stalking to violence from men who refuse to take a hard no from a woman, and the possibility of homelessness while I boycott everything until racism ends, it seems as though these authors are pushing victimization. Which is fine, because it's for a good cause. Of course, once I become victimized, and therefore even more marginalized than I already am, how does that change anything? When I boycott my own job and therefore cannot eat or live, who is going to listen to me? Won't I be struggling to survive and therefore unable to influence anyone? This makes no sense to me. Why would it be possible to use methods from before media to influence media? And how, after becoming homeless due to boycotting the system, is one supposed to spread the word on social media?


Furthermore, as a woman, I take offense to the idea that by trying to keep myself safe, I am destroying feminism. Like many, many others, I have been in situations where I was actually victimized. If I read a person as potentially threatening, I don't think that the best idea is to try to "strike a blow for feminism" and educate them. In my experience, men who don't take a polite refusal, and pretend to be unable to read body language probably won't take being schooled on how to treat women all that well.

Basically, I very much resent the implication that by not risking my mental and physical safety, and potentially the actual ability to make ANY change that I'm not black enough or woman enough. I feel alienated and turned off from any possible useful solutions from either of these authors. There are ways to suggest better activism without tearing down your potential supporters.

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