Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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My Facebook recruitment post for a 3hr week almost no responsibility (like quasi lab monitoring and some no feedback completion grading) job is not the place for you to go off on structural inequality and unpaid internships and how I'd get more diversity if I could pay more and <INSERT SOCIAL JUSTICE THING> here.


I'm a graduate student adjunct, so I get it, like more than you do probably, and I feel you and I've posted much the same comments. But like on jobs that require more hours than a movie and therefore actually preclude you from getting other jobs.

Look, I know that plenty of people will be excluded from this job, but actually my diversity stats ain't that bad-like been running it for two semesters and I've got POC and a woman and a vet and yeah pretty representative of the CS department at my school. So again, just stop. My job posting is not the place for you to go off on the problems with low paid jobs.

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