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Stop stealing shit off my desk!

One of the great things about being a remote worker is that your co-workers can't take stuff from your desk. One of the worst things about being a remote worker is that your family is way worse about taking things than your coworkers ever were.

I don't have an office with a door. It's not an option in this house, because the one extra room with a door is next to the laundry room, and sitting in there for too long gives me a headache. That puts my office in a corner of the den. This is fine during the day, because everyone is gone. When everyone is home, though, my office stuff goes walking.


I just reached for my pain meds. The bottle was empty, even though I know I had quite a few in there on Friday. I know who the culprit is: My husband, who will mosey over and grab "just a few" rather than go upstairs and get some from his bathroom.

Earlier, I spent ten minutes looking for a pencil. The culprit on that one: My son. He has boxes of pencils in his room, but, because mine are actually sharpened, he'll grab mine.

I had been missing my paper clips for weeks. My daughter had them. Apparently, she likes linking them together when I'm not around.

At this point, the only being in this house that hasn't stolen stuff from my desk is the dog, but I haven't gone through his toy box lately, so who knows.


I'm going to have to start booby-trapping my desk, I swear.

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