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Stop Telling Us To Move To Other States

Good grief, people.

I've had to have the same comment repeated at least three or four times tonight.

Stop telling people in Texas or Arizona or South Carolina they should just 'move' because there's a few bad politicians running amok. STAHP. NOW.


That's a great fucking idea! Every time you're in an area where some powerful group threatens the rights of the minority—YOU SHOULD JUST FUCKING MOVE!!


Because godforbid you actually do something about it. No, that would require actual work on your behalf. Oh excuse, I didn't mean to bother you in the middle of your Downton Abbey marathon with all this news about oppression and corruption here. I'll just get your bags packed SO YOU CAN MOVE.

This is cowardly, stupid, head-in-the-sand bullshit. Even stupider when you consider that you're basically saying you think these types of problems only occur in Texas or South Carolina. Spend five minutes and read up on some of the atrocities in legislation that have passed the California or New York or Illinois senate, and then let's talk about where exactly we should all move where nothing bad ever happens ever in politics! WHERE IS THIS MAGICAL FUCKING LAND WHERE UNICORNS DANCE WITH PUPPIES AND NO BAD LEGISLATION EVER GETS PASSED? LET US ALL SPRINKLE MAGIC FAIRY DUST ON OURSELVES AND GO THERE NOW!

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