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Have you’ll read this nonsense? Like, I understand the possibility of discomfort from a pad. Chaffing is real. But a tampon? She even says that she thought about it, but gave no reason for why she decided against it and ran while her blood flowed down her leg like the mighty Mississippi.

You know that guy that pooped his pants and everyone on the internet saw the brown watery evidence of his dedication? You are not him. Random poops happen randomly and no one would tell him to wear a diaper, just in case. But you knew you were bleeding and did the equivalent of consciously peeing on yourself when you really could have held it.

I know, periods are natural. So is poo and urine. I think many people are not grossed out by the act of menstruation, they are rightly grossed out by the resulting product of menstruation. Of human waste. That, because it contains blood, can contain pathogens.


So people, stop trying to make periods cool. They are natural, just like pus and scabs. And none of us really want people to walk around with oozing orafices, inviting everyone to tell them how awesome they are for proudly showing their immune system at work. Bandage, pad, tampon, or dixie cup that shit up.

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