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At work today someone seems to have sent out a mass email that went awry. It was intended for caretaking staff, but seems to have gone out to a lot of people who are not caretakers.

This has resulted in a whole whack of people replying to the email, asking to be taken out of the group. And a lot of them are hitting reply all.

Then there are the other people, who think they are being helpful, hitting reply all and sending out an email asking everyone to stop hitting reply all. Just stop it! The people who are hitting reply all aren’t going deep enough into the thread to to see your emails telling them not to hit reply all!


We haven’t had this problem in like 15 years when someone sent out an email to every employee in the school board to complain about the dates for Christmas vacation that year. The blowback went on for months from that one, and resulted in IT setting things up so you couldn’t address one email to all employees.

This year however, we migrated to a new email system, and I suspect that prohibition got lost. All I know is, my email account is going nuts.

Happy Monday!

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