I recently lost my wallet. It sucked. But I replaced everything fairly quickly and I was actually able to buy the same style of wallet so it was like nothing had happened. I assumed it had been stolen and I’d never see the wallet again.

Cut to yesterday. I get a call from AAA. They say they have a security officer from Target on the phone. Side note: I’m putting a card in my wallet that has my contact info so people can call me if I lose it again-smart thinking for the security guy to call AAA to call me. Also two thumbs up AAA for facilitating-is nothing you can’t do?

Anyway, they found my wallet! So I went to go get it and it had everything inside it. Credit cards, medical cards, AAA card (😉), even the nearly $300 in cash I had on me for some reason.

I cried in my car on the way home, hahaha. Thank you, Good Samaritan, whoever you are. People can be super awesome sometimes.

Tell me your stories of people being good!