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Share with all of us your stories of the worst customer service you’ve experienced. I just experienced a ridiculous level of shitty service - to the point of it being comical.

My boyfriend and I booked a small getaway a few months ago, to stay one night somewhere nice to just be together. My boyfriend booked us a room at an atypical hotel - it is a former retreat center for an order of Nuns. As is common here in Quebec, the location is UNBELIEVABLE (the Catholic church has historically had the best land). The former retreat/convent is on its own small island along with a huge nature reserve and a small orchard. It is right on the waterfront and the word serene is an understatement. The old convent is a two-star hotel and has a upscale bistro or you can eat in the convents former refectory (buffet style). We opted for a “fancy” room - one with it’s own bathroom. As we expected, the room was simple and small (no phone, no TV) and the bathroom hadn’t been upgraded since the 1970s. But this was fine - we were there for the location and nature and I had a great aunt who was a nun and I had visited her and stayed at her convent multiple times as a child and young adult - I knew what to expect. The other great part about this place is that you can get there via a small ferry from the city. So we got a beautiful boat ride to and from the island that we were able to access via public transit.

But the service...oh man...

We get there early, before our check-in time, ready to just leave our bags at the front desk until the room is ready and explore. But the room is ready - great! The person at the reception desk is a surly teenager who acts as if we’re bothering her with our check-in...okaaayy... I guess everyone has a bad day. She just throws us the keys and gives us our room number. No instructions about where stuff is (there are a bunch of amenities in the hotel) or what time dinner or breakfast is. Okay, we tell each other, it’s a 2 star hotel, we’re okay with minimal service. We go out to eat lunch and then decide to take advantage of a 1 hour kayak rental available with our room. We head to the surly teenager at the front desk. Once again, she acts as if 1) we’re bothering her 2) we’re dumb for not knowing the answers already to the questions we had about the amenities (we asked about a whole bunch of things, including the rental) 3) she has no idea where the rental location is and tells us it’s at the nature reserve. She doesn’t know WHERE the entrance to the nature reserve is and can’t give us directions (there’s not even maps available). We head out and realize that it’s impossible for the watercrafts to be at the nature reserve, because the entrance to the reserve is nowhere near the waterfront. The rental location is at the small public beach about a 5 min walk in the OTHER direction.


We find the place. Go out in the kayak and have a wonderful time in the water.

We head back to go take advantage of the pool and as we pass by the front desk we notice that the surly teenager is reading “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”. My boyfriend loses it (laughing) in the elevator, doubled over crying at the hilarity of it all.

But then dinner happened.

We paid (extra) with our reservation for a buffet supper in the refectory. When we got there there was zero staff and only salad. There was no hot food. A little old lady (one of many at this place) came over to us while we looked around confused and said that because there was a wedding the were going to serve us the wedding food. We thought to ourselves, okay, awesome, wedding food. HAHAHAHAHA no. The servers finally showed up, gave us a small serving of soup and a stir fry with rice... And left. My boyfriend wanted seconds (I mean we did pay for a buffet...) and when he finally found a server to ask, she asked him for our room number and when he gave it to her, she promptly told him that we hadn’t paid for dinner as per her list and that we would have to pay. Note that she was pretty abrasive and not one staff member had apologized at this point for the lack of buffet or service. My boyfriend got upset at this point went to the front desk, where the surly teenager is gone it’s another staff member, and speaks with them to clear up the fact that, yes, we did in fact pay for supper (we had the receipt). As he comes to sit down, he’s upset, but we take it in stride again. We chat up with the other diners - everyone is pretty disappointed with dinner because it isn’t what we paid for. As my boyfriend gets up to get some coffee, the server hassles him AGAIN about paying, and he tells her that he spoke with the front desk and to speak to them. When we are leaving, she hassles us for a THIRD time, and we tell her again that, yes we did pay and that we had confirmed with the front desk. We can understand that she has to do her job, but the continued abrasive hassling was frankly unprofessional. And we never got the 2nd serving we asked for.


Now we go outside to enjoy a bottle of wine we’ve brought along and watch the sunset over the water. We didn’t have a corkscrew, so my boyfriend runs around trying to find one. He does and we drink our wine out by the water. About 30 minutes later, one of the servers comes out to find us and chastises us for not bringing back the wine opener right away with a snarky “it would have be nice of your to return it right away”...like, wtf? It’s clear that it’s understaffed for this wedding that’s going on, but don’t shit on us because you’re management is bad, we’re still paying guests here.

As icing on top of the cake, our room is directly above the wedding. The floor reverberates until 2 am.


We wake up from a shitty night’s sleep and head down to breakfast. The bride and groom along with their families were having breakfast. Turns out that they too had terrible service when it came to the food - they were not provided with the agreed upon number of servers and the food wasn’t what they had agreed to (the groom was Nigerian and they were supposed to have rice with beans and plantains, not stir fry...). So it turns out it was a shit show for all the guests.

When we checked out, it was the same guy as the night before. None of the staff has apologized that supper wasn’t as advertised (and that they weren’t able to provide adequate service at all). We are still charged for the “buffet” dinner - we realize on the boat that we should have refused to pay but we were exhausted and want to go home and we didn’t make a stink.  


Worst.customer.service.ever. I left a shitty review card (the only 5 star I gave was for the state of the room - it was spotless and left a tip for the cleaner).

The location was beautiful and historic at least.

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