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Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes Interview A Few Takeaways

1. The spanking story was just ick. Oddly I can picture Trump liking this. Let’s face it the magazine had his face on the cover.

2. I am beyond convinced women he has sex with are replacements for his daughter. How many times have we heard women whom he had sex with comparing them to Ivanka. I assume Ivanka stays.working with him for the inheritance.

This seems like such sexual abuse by her father. Knowing that ones.father compares women he sleeps with his own daughter. He is essentially saying “i can’t have sex with my.daughter so I will have.sex.with women who are like her”. Yes more and more I wonder how far he has attempted to go with his daughter. I hope that’s one line he never crossed but he seems exceedingly close. Although havng sex with women who remind him of his daughter is as close to the line as possible



If there is an opposite to the Electra Complex Donald has it. Electra Complex is the female equivalent.to the Oedipus Complex. I do have.to wonder if both Complexes are more.myth then reality.

3. Most of the interview seemed to concentrate more on Cohen then Trump.

4. I think McDougal is far.more damaging to Trump them Stormy is. At the end of the interview I thought “thats it”. Unless she provides damaging tapes on him the worst for him is the unprotected sex and his sexual obsession with Ivanka. Both of which backs up McDougal. The spanking a nice bit of info but adds really very little.


5. Because Trump did not sign the contract he seems to be in a position to say Cohen went rogue especially if Mueller investigates.

6. The threat she received there seems nothing to back it up. No witnesses and she appeared to have told no one.at the time.


Unless she has tapes I see nothing from this interview that will hurt him to get him impeached. It will hurt him in the polls but there was really nothing shockimg.

McDougal story is the one to watch not this unless she can provide evidence. This story will hurt Cohen though but we knew that already.


Thank you Trump voters, third party voters and democrats who stayed him believing it does not matter. Never in my worst imagination did I think we would have a president who essentially is open having sex with women who remind him of his own daughter. I think we can call these women Incestual Surrogate Daughters that’s what they seemed to be to Donald.

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