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Story: Handed Down To Each Generation With Moral Lesson Too!

The post of TheRealMartha and how Greg stole her underwear reminded me a story handed down each generation.

This story, true, takes place in the late 1940s. It involved a woman my late grandmother was friends with. Now this story went from my late grandmother who was aware while it was happening to my mother who was a wee child to me. I have no kids so guess who hears the story you.


Now her friend had a husband and a 10 year old son. One day her husband came home and announced he was leaving her that day to live with his girlfriend. (Now the actually term they used was shack up, I suspect its an old archaic term since folks do not live in shacks except for a tiny few and the story is not literally about a shack I suspect it was an apartment).

So of course she and her son devestated. The next day the wife goes to the bank to get money for groceries and for bills. She had no job. What do you think she discovered? A “goose egg” yes he cleaned out the account. So she went to her son’s account. A child who saved money not a lot but it came from gifts, birthdays and holidays. What do you think she discovered? A “goose egg” he cleaned out his own child’s account.

Soon after she saw her husband driving around in a new car with his girlfriend in the passenger seat. What kind of a man does that to his wife and son? (Its rhetorical but always added in along with the phrase “goose egg” which is used in every repeated telling of the story.)


Lesson which is.also always said: Trust no one when it comes to money.

I assume the husband had his name on both accounts. I.heard this story hundreds of times from my late grandmother and mother. My late grandmother knew her for many years. The friend became a waitress to support herself and son she also refused to divorce him which he wanted. No idea if he was ordered to give support, that part is never included.


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