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Story Time: Recurring Nightmares

I have four that I can think of, and they are all from my childhood. As I've become older, I seem to have less exciting dreams. Like last week I dreamed that I had no emails when I started working. Or another day, I dreamed I went to the grocery store but didn't get anything I meant to get there (or maybe that was real). If any of you armchair psychologists would like to take a crack at analyzing me, have at it. I'd venture to guess it's pretty easy to see what was up, though.

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Electrified Snakes Coming Out of Doors

As far as I know, I've only had this dream in two places; the second home my family ever lived in, when I was around ages 3-6, and my grandparents' house. The story is that I wake in the middle of the night, for some reason I absolutely have to get to my parents/grandparents, and as I get closer to the door, snakes start coming out of the doorknob and they are glowing with orange electricity. If I run back to my bed, they retreat.


Because I desperately need to get to my parents/grandparents for some reason, though, I know I've got to make a run for it. I do, and in between their bedroom and mine, the snakes catch me - coming from both my door and theirs - and basically strangle me and electrocute me at the same time. I woke up choking.

Granny ET

Another starts out with my grandmother reading books to kids in a bookstore in a mall. She beckons me to sit closer to her but I won't. Each time she looks at me, she becomes more and more like ET, and eventually stretches her neck out and just starts screaming in that terrible ET way.


I have never seen ET all the way through. It's also worth noting I have never been afraid of this grandmother; she's always been the gentlest person in my life.

They never should have let me watch Twister

I'm in some podunk farmhouse, I dunno made out of mud or some shit, with no windows or doors - just holes. It's just me and my toddler sister in the house, a tornado comes and we have no shelter. It flat out sucks me out the window - she manages to stay in, somehow - and I go flying around in a tornado and wake up crying. Oh yeah, and when I say wake up crying, I'm like, solidly in high school at this point.


Appropriated Nightmare

Ah, Catholic School. Basically a nightmare factory! Background on me which I think gives some context: I had very little religious education until my mother panicked and decided we were Catholic when I was 10. You see, I had always taken it as a given that all the Christianity stuff was truth, because the version of it my parents told me was so diluted and easy to deal with. When I got exposed to the less palatable stuff, I believed it too, but hadn't yet built up a bullshit meter or a tolerance for the horrors that lay in the Bible.


So you'll understand how when a teacher tells me that she dreamed of Satan on a regular basis, it terrified me quite a bit. What terrified me extra was that these dreams changed, and she told them to us on a regular basis. She framed this not so much as she was having a dream about Satan, but that Satan was coming to her in dreams.

So, Satan started coming to me in dreams. There was one particularly visually scary one she told, where she'd caught Satan trying to kidnap her infant. So, I repeatedly dreamed that Satan was trying to kidnap my baby sister. What scared me so much was that I had an idea what I thought he looked like, and it was scary, and I looked into his face every time.



What terrors have repeatedly befallen you in your sleep?

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