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Story Time: Shit your parents did that drove you crazy

Tell stories of your childhood of maddening things your parents did! I’m going to keep mine light-hearted, but feel free to be as light or heavy as you want in the comments.

  1. My mom always waits until after she is supposed to be somewhere to leave. She does it ON PURPOSE. Why would you do that on purpose?!!?!!?!? We were always the last kids picked up from everything.
  2. Getting in screaming matches with me about why I didn’t make my bed, when they didn’t care if I went out partying as an underage teenager.
  3. Picking up and hanging up the phone over and over and over to knock me off our dial-up AOL.
  4. Asking me, “is this that boy you were telling us about” in front of every male peer that came around.
  5. GOING OUT OF TOWN AND NOT TELLING ME (note: I was old enough to stay home alone and they would go out to my siblings’ soccer tournaments and stuff. BUT TELL ME BEFORE YOU LEAVE).
  6. Picking up and putting my toddler siblings on my face when I was trying to sleep in “too late” (which for my mom is 9:00). See also: removing all blankets and pillows from my bed while I am in it.

So I have 10000 more of these, I started getting pumped up as I was writing. Share your own.

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