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Storytime: PMS

What's the worst/weidest thing you've ever done while PMSing? Or maybe the worst experience you've had PMSing? [image stolen from some other GTer!]

This subject matter is extremely relevant to me today (grr). I don't have any big huge stories, but a few small anecdotes. Background on my PMS-persona: I have really never been able to find a hormonal BC that didn't turn me into a monster, so these are from the good old days when my cramps were at bay but my emotions were all over the place.


The Breakup

I broke up with my high school boyfriend in a PMS fit. And you know what the last straw was with this jerk? He accused me of PMSing when I was mad at him because he was too possessive of me. So, extremely ironically, I broke up with him. Sometimes PMS gives you courage you never knew.

The Grocery Store

As a general rule, I go to the grocery store once or twice each day because I love going there. I have a lot of stories from there. I used to not sleep when I was PMSing, so I would be ripe with feelings. I was trying to throw a dinner party and could not, COULD NOT, find some goddamn basil. At the last store I tried, I stood in front of all the herbs, and burst into tears. Two different people asked me if I was ok, and I couldn't control myself at all. I just bawled, and I couldn't bring myself to say I was crying over basil.


Quitting my Job

In another "last straw" moment of courage brought on by PMS, I quit the worst job on earth, which was at a coffee/ice cream/sandwich shop in a museum. It was the worst, THE WORST job I've ever had because I just got berated by customers with impossible demands on a regular basis, and the management very literally never lifted a finger to help with our load when we were busy. We had to wear a white shirt, and I had to make 10000000 milkshakes a day. We had an old fashioned milkshake machine which sprayed you no matter what you did. Our manager walked up to me late in the day after a tough shift when I was PMSing, and told me I needed to wear a cleaner shirt (my coworkers all got murderous hearing this, as well) and I just screamed a bunch of expletives and stormed out. And that was the happiest day of my life.



What wrath has your PMS wrought?


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