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Stove Only Recipes?

Just talked to future mother in law. She came up for Thanksgiving and loved what I made, and as she's a horrible cook, wants me to do the meal.

One catch, though. Her oven doesn't work. Fine, we'll make dinner at grandma's. One catch, though. Now her oven doesn't work. So everything going to have to be made on the stove (maybe I'll bring my electric pressure cooker).

Now, in my family, a broken stove would be an unsurmountable problem—but that's mostly because we require tons of different dishes. GuyJinx's family is diff: simple, a few dishes.


I'm thinking:

Braised meat (what are your thoughts/recipes)?

Salad (dried fruits + nuts with gorgonzola)

Risotto (cheesy, I think. I dunno. Peas and mushrooms are out)

I'm stuck on an appetizer.

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