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Trigger Warning:
Discussion of Rape and Sex Work



Stoya is a prominent porn star, writer and gamer. She’s written a column for Vice for a long time as well as guest features elsewhere. She is also very outspoken about sex work and feminism on twitter.

She dated James Deen (another prominent pornstar in his own right as well as budding film star see The Canyons) for quite sometime. They were kind of the Prom King and Queen of the porn industry for their work, Stoya’s production and projects have gained a lot of attention and praise.



Earlier today Stoya tweeted the following:

I ... am so deeply hurt for her. But also so very proud of that anger and the balls to out that son of a bitch for the scum-bag he is...

This has brought on comments of “How do you rape a porn star”... loathsome creatures mostly from the bowls of Reddit and Twitter...

Yes, sex workers can be raped.

I’m storifying and writing something up about Daniel Holtzclaw and the ignoring of violence against sex workers. Especially those who are people of colour.

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