This morning, I saw a rage-worthy post on Facebook from my roommate from sophomore year of university. It wasn't what she wrote that pissed me off but rather the attached screenshot of an email she was sent by a company. She posted it on the company's Facebook page asking how the content of the email was acceptable (let's be honest, it was completely unacceptable, as you'll see).

So basically, this former roommate lives and works in China, and the company she applied for is a branch of a German-based company. Anyway, the email sent to her was along the lines of "I've discussed your application with the HR manager, but we don't consider female candidates for this position because it's not safe." And then the fucking person has the AUDACITY to ask whether she has male friends that she thinks would be qualified for this position.

HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT, WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK?! That is a straight-up lawsuit in the US. I'm not sure about how job and gender discrimination works in China, but this shit is un-real!