A question from your friendly neighborhood lesbian. What's up with wine you guys? Sometimes I look at straight culture and get a bit confused since certain parts don't effect me, so I thought I would ask you guys about this.

I have an in law who works high up in [very large beer company] and we were talking about their marketing efforts recently (she has some effect on that). [Very large beer company] wants to reach out to more women and is trying to figure out how to do that. I said to her "Lot's of women like beer, but the ads are all very focused on men, why not just start marketing beer to women?". The response was that they are trying! They are working on several new beer flavours (?) to try and appeal to women (default is straight women, lesbians already drink a lot of beer by choice, we really don't care and no one asked us since we don't count under the marketing demographic 'women'. I like beer very much, but I don't count, lets be real.). To appeal to women they are trying apricot flavoured beer, peach flavour, etc.... what? I basically said "No one likes weird flavours of beer as a general rule".

Why not just market normal-ass beer to women??!

Straight women seem to prefer to drink wine and stuff, if the straight women on GT are any indication. This rings true in my personal life too as I go to family gatherings and the men all drink beer and the women have wine. Wtf is up with that you guys? Did the marketing effect you such (no judgement here, lets not pretend we aren't all effected by society) that you drank more wine and therefore grew to prefer it, or did you prefer it and so the marketing rings true?

Why do straight women drink so much damned wine? I'm legitimately curious as to your thoughts.