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I'm safe at home, but bearddamnheroes is stranded in the Caribbean with a canceled Jetblue flight and unhelpful airport staff. I know, the Caribbean doesn't seem like such a bad place to be at the moment, but he needs to get home! (Not to mention Jetblue isn't reimbursing hotel and meal costs.)

His flight home yesterday was delayed several times before being canceled altogether, and it seems like that's a pretty standard story for tons of people all over North America. I don't even understand why - wasn't most of the bad weather on Thursday and Friday? Maybe that's just in the Northeast...


The Punta Cana airport sounds like a shitshow - they threatened to call in the dogs on the people last night because they were close to rioting (something like 400 people stranded there). Then they tried to lock everyone in the airport overnight, but bearddamnheroes managed to get out and to a crappy cheap hotel - most others weren't as lucky and spent an uncomfortable and hungry night. They are doing absolutely nothing to help people - the Jetblue staff basically hid for hours and then showed up saying that all new flights were booked for a week, and there was nothing they could do.

Can they really do this? Just cancel all the flights and tell people there are no available flights for 7 days? Has anyone else been through this sort of situation?

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