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Not sure what the term is. I organised for a social group I belong to, to go to a weekly trivia night. The trivia location is one I have been to a few times, so was easy for me, but I am sitting here 15 minutes before and no one from my group is here. I check the FB page (I don’t use FB much, so haven’t been paying attention) but there is a string of have something else, too busy, another time messages. So do I have to sit through the whole trivia night alone? I hope not, but I really don’t like being stood up. I have already ordered pizza, so I am here for a bit, but I am annoyed. I am here because i organised it, but it’s about a week and a half before I go on a two week trip and my time between then and now is precious. I would not have said trivia night if it was just my time.


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