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That's right! I've been mostly gone from GroupThink because of a broken charge cord but TODAY is my radio show on http://www.freeradiosaic.org from 1:00 pm CENTRAL time to 2:30pm. I've got newly downloaded New Orleans Jazz (Treme premiered this week!) and will be talking about my twitter campaign against the trolls attacking Erin Gloria Ryan this week (including my surreal mad libbing of a man with girly-sparkle pony talk after he called me sweetie). I also feel like dedicating the ep to IronMam so that I can win her contest.

And here is a picture if me and my comedy partner (babysitting baby). Used to lure you to the show.


Everyone who has listened has had a good time and we do a little chat-a-long here in the post. Hope you give it a listen. Thanks folks!!!!

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