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Strange Empire - Anyone watching it?

FYI - This show is probably one of the reasons my PTSD rage flared up this week. So be cautious. Basically women aren't people, and the first three episodes, actually just about every episode is what women have to do to avoid sex slavery. Also TW : rape, sexual assault, medicine, misogyny, forced pregnancy, ptsd etc.

I've wanted to watch it since it started, so I began to stream the first half of the first season on the CBC app. After many annoy commercials for Schitt Creek, Rick Mercer and Inherent Vice I know I don't want to watch any of them. I am totally breaking my don't watch CBC shows because they always get cancelled rule. I'm up to the last 2 episodes. I've done a brief googling to see if I can find any critique of the show, and there doesn't seem to be any.


As I mention it seems to causing me feels, which can make it difficult for me to articulate my thoughts. Therefore, this is gonna be rambling. And spoilers. I've tried not to mention specific names, but ya, spoilers.

Overall, I think it's an interesting show. I am not familiar with the time period, so I can't say if it's accurate, I'm gonna say no, other than the misogyny which probably accurate. A lot of that misogyny is still present. I'm not entirely fond of the names, e.g the bad guy is named Slaughter, spelt Slotter and the good character is named Loving. I am not joking.

I'm particular fond of the (autistic?) woman doctor and (spoiler alert the person who she eventually meets), she's fascinating and I'm looking forward to her story arc. She gets so obsessed with the science and mechanics of things that she forgets social rules. She also has no idea of how awful the world is.

(TW) Problems: Sexual violence is a common theme and the difficulty being different (a woman, autistic, transgendered, any non white, Metis, Irish, etc - People are horribly racist, some do turn around when they realize how stupid they are being.) . The entire premise is all the men are killed so the stranded women can be forced in prostitution. Consensual sex scenes are often cut short, but rape scenes (particularly what people might not consider rape because it's couple) are not. But they aren't overly romanticized or sexual because it's for the baby making. There's probably more that I'm forgetting, but I remember being like huh so we couldn't watch all of the consensual hand job scene (woman on the receiving end) but I got to see this asshole cum...I understood he was gonna rape her to make a baby, I didn't need it shown to me. I guess baby making rape between a couple is okay? (No, NO it isn't) Or I really need to watch a guy cum because I don't understand that sperm is needed to make a baby. Maybe I'm over thinking this, it really stood out. Oh and this cum shot, happens twice. The second time there's no context other than it's mechanical baby making sex and she is not pleased. Basically, shot to her watching a spider crawling on the lamp, while he has sex with her. She does not want a baby.


Oh yes, that's the other minor theme: Woman can't be anything else but sexual objects for men and baby factories. A women's joy is her ability to make babies and thus must have them because how else will she be a woman? And the woman doctor was put in a mental institution as child for being too smart, she is also the man doctor's wife/adopted daughter (there's actually a non-creepy explanation, but it does become not good because of his belief that he owns her. He largely wants to consummate their relationship because another wants her and she wants him) and she's his experiment on the strain the brain puts on females. How female intellect is an illness and he's pushing the boundaries of her brain sickness by educating her.

There's a part with the male doctor and he's examining an Aboriginal woman with her clothes on (he wants to take her back a specimen because she's a 'savage') and starts measuring her breasts, she understandably hits him and yells at him in her language, he exasperated explains that she has female hysteria and how it's contagious.


He also smacks and puts down the smarter woman doctor because she's acting unwomenly, what ever the fuck that means. He also published her work under his name.

YA, this is about 70% the reason why my PTSD is all up in a burn it all rage.

Sometimes when I watch these shows and I become so hopeless and then ragey and then hopeless. I wonder if things can really change. I see how much they haven't. I had a procedure that ruined my life done to me to protect the uterus I didn't want. I live in pain because of it. I'm treated as though I am 'hysterical' because I'm afraid my rights as a person will be violated again. No one respected my wishes because I am expected to have children because even today I'm still not a real person in the eyes of assholes if I don't make the babies or have a man's penis inside me. So my quality of life was diminished for the belief that I needed to have child. I agreed because I was promised a shorter recovery time if I kept my uterus, ya that was also a lie. Amusingly, I am hysterical because my leftover uterus is making me crazy; it was believed that the uterus wandered the body and that's why women are crazy. My ex also coerced me with fear and guilt and shame into sex against my will, but you know that's apparently okay and not rape because we were a couple and it was my responsibility to make him happy. FYI It's not okay. It will never be okay. I remember all of the times I wasn't heard or listened to because of the belief that my vagina makes me a lesser intellect. That I had to get a man to state my ideas for them to be accepted.


So ya, Strange Empire, you are a little on the nose. Fictional setting, still the same damn problems.

I continued to try to manage my distress, and I was moderately successful. I did loose it, and hit some of my upper modes. Which is never good.


I wonder what men must think. Do they ever roll their eyes and go, oh great another man that can't control his penis. I guess woman characters need to operate under the "kill strange men on sight" rule.

One of the characters a stabs a guy in the throat because he starts to sexually harass her and I could think was "GOOD"


Oddly, the decent miner gets rid of the body for her and treats it like it's no big deal and that it was okay for her to do that. I guess that's just what you gotta do. Stab guys in the neck.

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