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Strange Empire; new tv show on CBC ...that's Canadian ...

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Full disclosure; I haven't seen it, but it looks intriguing. And further to hedghog's post yesterday on female driven shows.


Set in the 1860's in Alberta near the Montana border. Most of the men in town have been murdered (I gather), by a brothel owner, and three very different women have to pull together to survive. Including a woman of colour, played by Tattiawna Jones (wife of the brothel owner) and the woman in pants with the gun, plays a Metis woman (mixed white and First Nations). She is played by an Ojibwa actress, Cara Gee. Gee is the hero who opposes the villain of the story. The white woman is a very rare creature too, for the time; a female doctor, with her own demons.

The character played by Jones is loosely based on the life of Victoria Woodhull, who had been a prostitute at some point in her life, and eventually ran for President of the US. (she didn't get elected, in case you were wondering).


They'll be focusing on frontier life from the point of view of women, with women's stories and issues of the time at the forefront, and the fight against the villanous brothel owner. They wanted a multi-ethnic cast to reflect the movement of people around the borders at the time. It sounds very dark and very challenging.

Here's a review which gives a bit more of an outline.

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