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Strange Encounters With Customers

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A customer at the bar this morning gave my coworker a giant bag of candy. She asked who is was from and why he was giving it to her. He just said we could all share it. Since none of us recognized this man, we eyed the bag very suspiciously. It sat on the waitstaff counter for an hour before we opened it up.


The bag had one ziplock bag filled with Lindt truffles and some random Lindt squares, and another bag with three Lindt chocolate bars. After inspecting the truffles and the bars, we deemed them untampered with, and tentitively ate some. It was good.

I still don't understand why this man had 1) all Lindt chocolate, 2) enough of it that he felt the need to give it away, and 3) decided that food service workers were to be the recievers of said chocolate. I am not one to turn down free chocolate, but I don't understand this man's motives. It's sketchy, but hey. Free chocolate.

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