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Strange Jobs

What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you when you were working?

I was a receptionist in an office over the summers between college. We shared space with the county mental health commissioner. He was responsible for holding hearings if a petition had been filed for a person to be involuntarily committed. His office used the reception area of my office.

Once, I had to sit there while a woman waited for her commitment hearing. She was being guarded by a cop because she had been arrested earlier that day and her boyfriend had brought a gun into the jail to try and bust her out. She claimed (and she was pretty transparently lying) that she had multiple personalities and that one of them had what she called "pussy cancer"... so she's babbling about her "pussy cancer" and saying that stuff is falling out of her vagina, and the cop, who was more than twice my age, took that opportune moment to ask me out on a date. SO ROMANTIC.


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