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strange NYC subway stories

Last night, I had to work till about 9 pm and then my boyfriend and I went to get drinks with another couple. Around 11:30 we headed home, I was a little drunk and tired. The train was mostly empty, and boyfriend and I were giggling as I was snuggled up on him. Sometimes when I am a little drunk I poke his face. I promise this was not excessive, just a little late night subway PDA but we were not making out or grabbing each other. Just light snuggles.

Regardless, a man was blatantly taking pictures of us. I said to him, are you taking pictures of us? And he first smiled and nodded. He then did it again and I covered my face and told him to stop. He came over to show us the pictures and said you are so beautiful! Look! SO beautiful!

Um... what the fuck. After that boyfriend and I got on our phones and fucked around on them like a proper millennial couple.


This is a weird city.

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