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Strange things my in-laws say

My sister-in-law and her husband got a dog about a year ago, and whenever they go out of town they leave her with my in-laws. Side note: when they got the dog, my in-laws told them that they would never dog-sit. They've now watched the dog three or four times over the past year. I would feel bad about how my SIL takes advantage of them, but they're adults with free will so whatever. Sometimes I do wonder if she has some dirt on them, though, because they will literally do anything she asks even when it is clear that they don't want to.

Anyway, my in-laws watched the dog recently, and afterwards they told us the following story: They were out walking the dog and some people driving past in a car slowed down to compliment how beautiful the dog is. My in-laws reaction? "They said the dog was beautiful. Why didn't they say, 'What a lovely couple you are.'"

I....what? I didn't know how to respond to that. If these strangers had stopped to tell my in-laws they were a lovely couple, wouldn't that have been creepy? Who does that? Also, I feel like it's common for people to compliment each other's dogs, and my in-laws had a dog for 15 years, so it's pretty weird that they were so baffled by this exchange.


This is just a tiny thing, but sometimes I feel like my in-laws come from another planet.

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