I got a wild hair today, and cleared out and rearranged my pantry and spice and tea cabinet. While doing so, I realized that I have a bad habit of tucking special treats and expensive or hard to find things away "for later" and then never finding a special enough time to use them. I've caught myself doing this before (that Easter egg in Almost-MIL's pantry that I found that was from LAST Easter, the last tiny bag of chicken and waffles potato chips) but I've gotten really bad about it. I'm making a conscious effort to use things in a more timely fashion, now.

I suppose it's because things tend to be unsure around here, so I like to tuck things away for later when we might not be able to get little treats and things. I've done this since I was a kid (thank you, Claudia Kishi!), but it's a habit I need to break. I even do this with new books/cds/movies... it's like they need to age properly or something :/ Actually, I think it's that I savor the idea of the thing for awhile before I actually use it.

Do you have any squirreling-away tendencies? What do you save for later? Or do you use everything right away and let later worry about itself?