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Strategies for surviving an onslaught of crappy world news with your chill intact.

I’ve been dealing with a low-to-medium level of anxiety over the last few days, that I’ve finally decided is stemming more or less from the onslaught of increasingly awful news coming from the US and the rest of the world. In consequence of this, I’ve made a decision to attempt a short break from Facebook, Gawker, and Buzzfeed (embarrasingly, my three biggest sources of news at the moment), at least through next Sunday. I’m prepared that this may be slightly hard at first, since it has become an ingrained habit to check those sites, Jezebel, and Groupthink, multiple times a day. But I’m hoping it will be worth it for my mental health.

Here are some more relaxing things that I’m thinking of filling my new free time with.

1. Working on the floorplan for my hermit’s retreat in rural Iceland. When I finally reach my breaking point with humanity, I’m going to move there with two dogs, two cats, and a pony with a complicated personality, and then I’ll never have to deal with people again.


2. Watching Jessica Jones. So good, you guys! (But it doesn’t exact fill me with optimism about humanity though...)

3. Dreaming up startling ways to make omelets.

4. Writing my webcomic “The Grumblebees,” about a group of misanthropic teenage bees with musical talent, who assume their secret identities as members of a Pearl Jam cover band. (Yeah, its a thinly veiled Jem ripoff.)

eta. I originally meant to turn this question to you dear readers, and then got distracted halfway through my post because.....squirrel!

How are you all holding up under the onslaught of horribleness that is world events right now? What are your coping strategies-both silly and serious?

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