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Found puppy

So I currently have a strange chihuahua mix in my apartment that I found running around under the freeway underpass on Silver Lake Blvd earlier this afternoon. He seems well fed and in good health, and he has a tag with two phone numbers on it, but one has a permanent busy signal and the other goes straight to a voice mail box without a recorded outgoing message. I left a message with all my information, of course, but I'm really worried I won't hear anything back.

Could you all keep you fingers crossed that he wasn't abandoned and that his owner calls back soon? He's the sweetest little guy—it took him about two hours to go from being completely terrified of me to just wanting to sit on my lap—but I'm not in a good position to take another dog (Buster is already wildly jealous, and my poor grumpy old man kitty is absolutely furious that I brought ANOTHER one home), plus he's already peed inside twice and pooped on my bed. But the thought of taking him to the pound just breaks my heart.


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