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Stray dog question--am I being insane?

On the way to work this morning I saw a very thin, sick-looking stray dog (looked like a black lab mix) trotting along the side of the freeway. There was a highway patrol car there, but the dog was quite a ways away and going in the opposite direction. It really upset me—I'm still recovering from a long, seriously debilitating flu, and I have pretty much no emotional reserve.

I called highway patrol dispatch when I got to work to see if I could locate the dog, and they said the officer had caught it and taken it to a shelter. I called the shelter to see if I could find any further information, but they said without an ID number they can't locate an animal.

I'm thinking of driving to the shelter after work and seeing if I have more luck in person—I have a 40-minute window when the dog was brought in, and a description—because I'd like to see if I can help in some way. The dog was too big for me to adopt, but I could maybe transfer it to a no-kill shelter or find a foster home or something—LA has a billion of those, and they're usually willing to accept animals if you're willing to pay their fee.


But... like I said, I don't know if I'm being crazy. The person on the phone seemed fairly positive it would be impossible (or at least, much more work than anyone at the shelter would be willing to do) to locate the dog based on the information I have, but I also know people are often far more helpful in person, and... argh. I wish I was in a position where I could take the poor thing myself if I can find it, but I can't, and... gah. Thoughts/suggestions/advice?

ETA: I'm going to leave work early and see if I can find someone who will help me in person this afternoon. Please wish me luck finding a helpful, unjaded shelter worker.

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