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Stray dog update--hopeful news (and tl;dr)

Following up on this post (and this one):

I had a pretty frustrating day where the dog was concerned—when I called to check up on her this morning, I was transferred to the kennel, and the person I spoke to told me she was dying, and the only reason they hadn't euthanized her yet was because they needed permission from the owner. When I called back later, though, the new person I spoke with said she was definitely quite ill but receiving treatment, and that there were no plans to put her down.

But then I had a revelation—after I adopted Buster, I called the city shelter I got him from to ask for the info of whoever brought him in off the street so I could say thank you (they couldn't give it out, but said they would call and let the person know he found a home). Bizarrely, it turned out the woman I spoke to lives one door down from me in my apartment complex. Since then, we always say hi and she asks after Buster, but we'd never actually exchanged names.

So I knocked on her door when I got home from work, and she was WONDERFUL. She immediately called someone at the South LA shelter even though it was after hours, and got the information that while the dog is very weak, she just started eating this evening, though she still doesn't want to stand up. But there are definitely no plans to euthanize her yet, and they're required by law to keep her for 10 days while they search for her owner.


Obviously, in the best of all worlds, they'll reach the owner and s/he will claim the dog and get it the care it needs. The worst scenario is that they reach the owner and s/he wants the dog put down, but I'm going to try my damnedest to make sure that doesn't happen. My neighbor said she'll call tomorrow during normal shelter hours and make sure they add my name and number to the file so they know to contact me if the owner can't be found, and to tell the owner that there is someone who wants to take responsibility for the dog if s/he wants it put down. Best of all, my neighbor said she knows a rescue that specializes in the hardest luck cases—old, sick dogs that most other rescues won't take—and she's going to contact the woman who runs it.

So I am feeling very hopeful! Obviously a lot is still up in the air, but I finally feel like I am making progress instead of just tilting at windmills.


I will keep you all updated as I learn more, and I'm going to keep contacting local rescues in case my neighbor's friend can't help her (the auto-replies I got back today were terribly depressing—a few of them flat-out said, "If you have a dog that needs to be rescued, we can't help you; we always have too many"—but I will persevere). The most important thing is that I need to have a place for her to go pretty much immediately after she becomes "adoptable" (i.e, after the 10-day waiting period is up, 1/17, or after her owner releases her), because the South LA shelter deals with such a high volume of dogs that they only hold them for 48 hours before euthanizing them.

Please continue to send all your best thoughts/prayers/wishes/whatever in her direction? Because I am a horrible, horrible masochist, I somehow have started thinking of her as Daisy, if a name helps. I just want this poor puppy to have a good, safe home for however much longer she has.

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