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Stray dog--update (upsetting neglected dog picture warning)

A follow-up to this post from earlier:

A helpful person at the South LA shelter directed me to the animal receiving office, where they were quickly able to find the dog I was looking for. They think she's a black lab/German Shepherd mix, about 12 years old, and she's all skin and sharply protruding rib bones, even worse than she looked from the distance I saw her this morning. They wouldn't let me see her, because they said she's really not doing well, but they printed me out her information from their system, which included a photograph. I'm attaching it here, but be warned, it's terribly sad:


Apparently she has a microchip, and they've been trying to contact her owner all day, but without luck so far. I have an animal ID now, though, and I can keep calling to check up on her. Hopefully they'll find her owner quickly and s/he will come to the rescue, but if not I'll move forward with trying to get her help/finding her space in a no-kill shelter.

Jesus, I'm crying just looking the picture. That poor beautiful dog. I'm not really a prayer person, but please pray/think good thoughts/whatever the hell it is you do in her direction? I desperately want the poor thing to have some kind of happy ending.

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