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Street food festival

What are y’all up to? Here in Europeland it’s early afternoon already. Also, food.

So far I had:

1) crêpe with camembert, apple and bacon bits. Heaven on a Sunday noon.

2) a large chicken curry. It was decent, but I was only eating it because my brother ordered it by mistake because he is young and stupid. I had had this vendor’s curry before so I already new how it would taste so I wasn’t excited about it. I came to try new things.


3) a tiramisu to get the curry spiciness out of my mouth.

4) a tiny slice of brother’s pizza. A simple pizza of ham, cheese, sauce, because he is young and stopid and doesn’t eat delicious things like mushrooms.

5) a iced rooibos tea for me and some fancy cola for brother. Both were probably organic and/or fairtrade.

Am going back later for cupcakes.

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