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Street harassment: parking lot edition! UPDATE: I called the cops

I decided to drive up to the convenience store on the corner earlier for a diet coke. I got there and there was a group of men hanging out in the parking lot, one of whom was a guy who cuts my yard sometimes. I parked, and before I had a chance to shut the car off, yard guy was at the car and knocking on the window. I rolled it down, meaning to roll it down a little but accidentally triggering the auto setting that makes it roll all the way down. He leaned on the window so I couldn't roll it up, and started telling me I don't love him anymore because I don't have him cut my yard.

I started to feel uncomfortable and asked him to move his arms so I could roll up the window, and he said no(!). Then one of his buddies came over and started trying to open my car door, which was locked. He kept trying to open it, actually saying "Unlock the door!", while I started panicking. Yard guy said "I can see your titties" (he couldn't, it's not even a super low cut tank top) and was reaching in the car to do God knows what when the store clerk came out and told them to leave me alone. They backed off, and I started rolling up my window and cranked the car up to leave. Yard guy said, "You looking good, girl. Let me know if you need some company in that house all alone." I left and drove back home.


I feel so icked out right now. I talked to a friend about it afterwards she said "What were you wearing?" - not helpful, very icky. Icked out because Yard guy knows where I live and knows that I'm home alone most of the time. Now I don't want to go to that store anymore, even though it's super convenient to my home. This is such bullshit. I feel mad, and helpless and gross.

So I've decided to feel better via crafting, and am going to start stitching this cross stitch pattern I made earlier, based on gif we all know and love:

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because cross stitching the word FUCK repeatedly is good therapy.

ETA: I called the police, at the urging of some wonderful people here. They eventually sent a deputy to my house, who begrudgingly took down the information and said he would file a report. I don't know the guy's last name or his address, but I plan to get that information tomorrow and call the deputy with it. He took it a bit more seriously when I mentioned the reason why I stopped having the guy cut my grass: he came to my house at 11:30PM one night, asking me to pay him in cash then for the next time he mowed (that was the end of our business association, obvs). So, called the cops, turned on all the floodlights around the house (you could see my house from space at this point), called my sister and she's going to come stay the night with me. Thank you all for your encouragement and support, seriously.

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