I had a stupid stress dream last night - unrelated to my life at the moment but one that hits way too close to home (basically: I was in charge of a family vacation with my extended family and getting them to the airport on time was like herding cats. The dream ended with me in a taxi with my mom, watching the minutes count down to when our flight was supposed to leave). I woke up feeling drained and exhausted. Blech.

Also! Last night, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to make red beans in my slow cooker - cheap, easy, makes a lot. But I'd just worked out and I was hungry and impatient to eat the dinner I'd already prepared...and I think I added too much water to the beans because it's more soupy than I wanted it to be. Boo. Is there anything I can do, short of straining out the liquid? The flavor's so good, I'd hate to lose any of it... (I cooked it on low overnight because I was going to be asleep and didn't want it to burn or something, who knows what my thought process was.) Anyway, I mashed up the beans some more this morning, then left it to cook longer. Maybe it'll have thickened by the time I get home? If not, I guess I have red bean soup ahaha