I spent all day today being anxious about one thing or another.

Actually two things specifically. One is that I scheduled two interviews back to back on Friday afternoon. Like, only by the grace of the subway gods will I manage to be at interview #2 on time. This also involves me potentially making up a lie to tell my boss where I am going, which sends me in a whole ‘nother spiral of stress. But, I think it will work. Google says it only takes 15 minutes to get from Point A to Point B, and I’ve allotted 30. And, it is easier for me to be gone one long afternoon than two short one hour stints, so it’s nice that it worked out that way. Still. NERVES.

Second, I found out that my civil service exam is the same day as my friend’s wedding (because of course they don’t tell you when exactly it is until 10 days before, jeebus) . I was considering skipping one over the other, and now boyfriend and I have decided we will both take the exam and then jet just a quick 6 hour drive (sigh) and make it in time for dinner. IF it all works out properly and the test doesn’t run late or there’s crazy traffic.

Bride has been super sweet about it and pretty much doesn’t care when we arrive, so I shouldn’t feel so anxious about it. BUT I DO. I feel like taking the exam AND going to the wedding is the best case scenario, I just can’t believe I’ve managed to squeeze in all the things and now have a mini stress hangover from arranging all these logistics all day.

Sigh, sigh. I can’t even eat because my stomach is tied up in knots. How am I going to chill out so I can do well in the interviews and/or not fail the civil service test? I