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My 18 month old has been sick all week with the same chest congestion stuff I had last week. We took him to the doctors where he was prescribed 3 different, super expensive medications (yay new insurance) The doctor told us to watch for wheezing since the illness was causing asthma like symptoms. Well last night his fever spiked to 102.5 and this morning I noticed wheezing and he has been super short of breath.

I called the doctor's office and they want to see him today, but his doctor isn't in. The only option is the nurse practitioner. Now she is nice enough, but I don't trust her. She just saw my dad Friday with the same thing I had, and she told him it was just allergies even though the entire town has this, and then gave him medication that should be taken with his diabetes and high blood pressure medication. I think whatever she tells us, I am just going to second guess at this point.

Plus, they just called again and said they wanted my son to get an x-ray before he comes in. His appointment is right after nap time, and now we have to wake him up early to take him to get an x-ray.


Today is my first day back at work since my husband could take off today, and I can't focus on anything. I am so stressed about him and about how we will pay for more medication or the breathing treatments they talked about. I am afraid I am just imagining the breathing issues, and he is fine and I am putting my kid through hell by overreacting.

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