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Stress Relief

So, work has gotten pretty hectic. Our department is especially stress ridden and the ladies are really feeling the pain. I am not sure about the guys, but I imagine they are too. Anyhow, a group text exchange about our stress levels has got me thinking that I'd like to do something nice for the ladies I work with. I am handling the stress okay (not the best as I had a mini meltdown today and ate a box of GS cookies, but considering what the others are going through I am the most together) and would like to gift something nice to the other three women I work with. Something that would help them relax. I would like to bake something, I am thinking my world famous brownies and then gift something small that isn't super expensive, might fall in the "pampering"/ spa category and says relaxation. Ideas??? Also, I can't bring liquor to work, so gifting a bottle of wine or whatever is out.


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