Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I am a stress not-eater. When the shit hits the fan, my stomach turns off. I don't get hungry; I get (and stay) nauseated. The longer I go without food, the more nauseated I get, and the less I want to eat.

Since I hadn't eaten in 24 hours, I made some chicken and a sweet potato, in the hope that if I just started eating, my system would sorta normalize and I'd be hungry. The chicken was a no-go, but I managed to eat the potato. Now I feel like I want to die, and I don't think I'm gonna get to keep the potato.


I have SO MUCH to do this week. SO MUCH. I can't do it if I can't eat! Does anybody else have this problem? What do you do? Halp!

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