Venting/stressing. I am pregnant very early on. This is after eight years of trying, four miscarriages and four or five IVF rounds, plus other bits and pieces.

This is a surprise pregnancy, wanted,but not expected.

And I am stressed/ worried.

Of the four prior pregnancies, three of them got to the point that we saw a heartbeat. The fourth was a missed miscarriage and doesn’t really come into the equation. With the other three I started bleeding at week five or six. Sometimes just spotting, other times a big bleed. I had early scans. When the scans were done by non-specialists, the results were not good. No heartbeat on one, a gestational age a week younger than reality. Once I ended up with a real scan heartbeat was fine, age was right. So I now go through my fertility specialist even though all of my pregnancies have been natural.(non-assisted). About the seven week mark growth would drop, followed by heartbeat going.

This time when I started bleeding I went to my GP. Mainly so I could get anti-d.The first dr told me to wait (light spotting) and gave me a referral to a generic scan place. I opted not to use, knowing I had a scan with the specialist the following week . And then I had re blood, so a panicked visit to the GP, different doctor. Got my anti-d and a referral to a specialist scan.

The specialist scan found a heartbeat! Yay. And it was in the range for the age, although a little low. But she had trouble getting a measurement, which means it is harder to know timeframe. They set a week less than I am as the probable age.


So already red flags. Growth less than planned. Heartbeat not in the safe zone.

I had a scan yesterday with the specialist. He didn’t give/measure heart rate (and my husband asked). He also didn’t measure. I know he can, because he has in the past. He was pretty positive (although he also printed lots of pictures), but he didn’t get detail. He also put me on progesterone pessaries. Not, thank goodness, crinone, but bleh. And my GP had confirmed normal progesterone (another area of concern)


Given my history, the scan doesn’t provide much confidence. Yes, I know that a heartbeat is usually a vey good sign, but I have experienced that three times.

The scans aren’t cheap.

I do have another scan next week, with a different person, as my specialist is on holiday. I will probably be pretty stressed until then.


Not expecting advice etc. This is more of a trying to work things through in my head. My husband thinks I should think more positive. I find it easier to expect bad news.

On top of that my symptoms are erratic.